What Are Some Tips for Getting Cheap Printer Cartridges?


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Many printers can also accept third-party cartridges that are frequently less expensive than those sold by the original equipment manufacturers. To help find a high-quality aftermarket product that is compatible with the printer, use the Printer Ink Cartridges & Toner Finder tool on Staples.com. Pay attention to the reviews, and consider making a small trial purchase first to ensure compatibility and quality.

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Shopping at an established and trusted retailer is the best way to make sure the cartridge is high quality. Many large retailers offer a satisfaction guarantee. Typically shopping online is easier than in-store as there is a wider selection. Nonetheless, finding a cost-effective cartridge can take some time and research. Be careful to ensure compatibility with the printer before purchasing.

Some third-party suppliers offer re-manufactured ink cartridges. These are made by refilling a used plastic casing with ink. This option can be effective for finding less expensive, compatible cartridges; however, the used cartridges may have defects from prior use. Contact the supplier before ordering to ask about their quality assurance standards. Also consider looking for reviews of the supplier.

Another option for finding cheaper ink is to intentionally purchase a printer that uses widely available, lower cost cartridges.

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