What Are Some Tips for Finding Places That Buy Old Computers?

Amazon.com, Best Buy, Nextworth and Gazelle are four places where computer owners can sell or trade-in their old computers. Reimbursement can come in the form of cash or gift cards, so sellers should check the buy-back or trade-in policies of the store before bringing in their old computers.

Amazon.com has an online trade-in program that enables sellers to trade in their old electronics, including laptop computers, and receive reimbursement via Amazon gift cards. Amazon.com stipulates that trade-ins must at least be in the condition as the items in the trade-In search results. Sellers can click on the Laptop category to view these trade-in search results.

Best Buy enables sellers to trade-in laptop computers either online or at select store branches. The store gives the seller an offer upon the seller satisfactorily finishing a questionnaire. Best Buy rewards the seller with a store gift card that can only be used at Best Buy.

The three steps to selling a computer at Nextworth are getting a quote, shipping the computer and receiving payment via PayPal, Check, NextWorth Discover Prepaid Card or Target gift card. Gazelle enables sellers to trade their old Apple computers for money, with an Amazon.com gift card, PayPal payment or a check being among the reimbursement options.