What Are Some Tips for Finding Places That Buy Broken TVs?

Some tips for selling broken TVs include checking with electronics repair shops in your area to see if they buy broken TVs for parts and listing your broken TVs on eBay. Also, several retailers, such as Amazon.com, Best Buy, Target and Walmart, have trade-in programs and may offer cash back.

One of the quickest ways to turn a broken TV into cash is to list it on eBay. Many people know how to repair broken televisions, and repair services need spare parts to refurbish electronics. Listing your broken TV the first time is free, including up to 12 photos for 30 days. After checking the pricing of similar items, pick a minimum price you’re comfortable with. Add perks such as a Buy-It-Now price, and offer free shipping if you can.

If you’re selling your broken TV to raise money to buy a new one, consider the trade-in programs offered through retailers such as Amazon.com and Best Buy. In addition to encouraging people to recycle used electronics, these programs let consumers deduct the value of their trade-in from the price of new electronics. Sometimes, when a particular model of television is in high demand in the refurb market, such programs may also offer cash.