What Are Some Tips for Finding Highly-Rated PC Laptops?

Some tips for finding highly rated laptop computers include first considering the design and weight of the laptop, not spending money on unnecessary features and researching the laptop's processor, hard drive and storage, notes CNET.com. Customers interested in highly rated laptops should then read reviews of laptops that match their needs on sites, such as ConsumerReports.org and PCMag.com.

Customers searching for top-rated laptops should first ensure that they are not buying too much laptop. Most users do not need the most expensive laptop unless they are working with high-end videos or playing video games. As of 2015, a PC laptop with an Intel Core i5 central processing units, touchscreen and 128 gigabyte hard drive is suitable for many users.

Many laptop customers need portability. they should consider an ultralight laptop with a 13-inch or less screen, notes CNET.com. Customers can also consider laptops an extension of their personality and look for ones that have a design that appeals to them.

Several sites provide laptop ratings to assist customers. For example, Consumer Reports provides a list of ratings and recommendations for laptops on its website, ConsumerReports.org. Many highly rated laptops on this site have a small screen size and are very light.

PCMag.com produces a yearly list of the top laptops for customers to consider. As of 2015, examples include the Lenovo ThinkPad T450s, Asus Chromebook Flip and Microsoft Surface Book.