What Are Some Tips for Finding Great Internet Service Deals?


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Some useful tips for getting a good deal on Internet services include knowing to researching price, learning how to properly measure Internet speeds, and looking out for red flags in quality of customer service. Price is an important part of what customers should look out for, but the customer should also be aware of exactly what he or she is getting with that low price tag.

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What Are Some Tips for Finding Great Internet Service Deals?
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There are a few pitfalls that might trip up new customers to Internet services. One common issue is that these companies tend to try to make their speeds look better than they are by defining their Internet speeds in BITS rather than BYTES. A new customer should be aware that these are very different things. A Byte is a package of eight bits and is the denomination of data used most often in computers, so if a service offers 5 Megabits per second, this is actually closer to 0.6 MegaBytes, which is a fairly unimpressive speed. A customer should always know that a lower-case 'b' in an abbreviation stands for bit, while a capital 'B' stands for Byte, to understand the actual speed of the connection.

One should also be wary of the reputation of some Internet dealers. Some of the larger dealers have grown a reputation for being unreliable and offering poor service to their customers. A customer should look for reviews from people who have already tried the service and see if they have good customer service before they decide on a provider. A good rule for price shopping is to find out the price per bit of speed and compare prices before assigning value to customer service to see where the best deal lies.

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