What Are Some Tips for Downloading Adobe Flash Player?

To download Adobe Flash Player, first ensure that it is not already installed on the computer by using the Adobe website's authentication tool on the Flash Player help page. If the computer does not already have Adobe Flash Player installed for the desired browser, continue to the Flash Player download page, which redirects to a download link for the browser in use. Installation instructions for the program appear when the downloaded EXE file activates.

As of 2015, Adobe offers support for any trouble encountered while using Flash Player through a list of common problems sorted by OS or through one of its experts on its customer support forum. To download Adobe Flash Player, simply go to the company's official site at Adobe.com. Any security updates appear in a dialog box in the browser.

If in doubt as to whether the Flash Player installed is the latest version, visit Adobe.com's testing page for Flash Player, which displays the current version installed on the browser being used and lists the latest versions of the application for each of the major browsers it supports. Visiting the Flash Player page at Get.Adobe.com automatically detects the version installed and recommends updates if the player is outdated or requires security updates.