What Are Some Tips for Cloud Computing?


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When signing up for a cloud computing service, read the user agreement, which provides essential information on the internal workings of the service. Define the level of privacy you need and the level of protection you want for your data. Avoid storing sensitive information in the cloud. Regularly back up your data in case of a security breach.

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When subscribed to a cloud computing service, know the specific machine your data is on to help keep your data safe especially if circumstances arise such as termination of service or the provider going out of service. By knowing the data center and what server your data is on, you can find out what security measures are in place to keep your data safe. Look for measures such as firewalls, antivirus solutions and intrusion detection programs.

Use a complex, hard-to-guess password to secure data using your cloud server. Encrypt the data using a reliable program such as TrueCrypt or B1 Archiver. Alternatively, go for a cloud service that provides local encryption and decryption of files. This service encrypts the files on your computer before it stores them safely in the cloud. Examples of such encryption and decryption services include Spideroak and Wuala.

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