What Are Some Tips on Choosing DJ Equipment?


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People seeking DJ equipment should opt for headphones that are comfortable around the neck and on the ears and determine preferences for style, durability, loudness and the presence of coiled or uncoiled cables. The type of technology should also be a key factor when purchasing DJ equipment, such as a laptop that plays MP3 or MP4 files, a CD player or record spinner.

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DJs using a digital medium should choose software and equipment that supports WAV file playback and a computer, iPad or tablet that has ample RAM and memory, a high-capacity hard disk drive and a fast processor. Music mixing software is ideal for DJs who plan to compile mashups or overlap songs during a performance or event.

A DJ must also choose a controller or a mixer. Mixers have knobs and faders, whereas turntables allow DJs to scratch vinyl records. Controllers and mixers feature a variety of outputs and inputs, built-in soundcards and the capacity to sync with music mixing software. DJs should determine their preferences for these features and weigh the pros and cons of cost versus sound quality. DJs should also determine if they want to add a fog machine or lighting to their acts. Some models of lighting equipment work directly with a computer or tablet to sync with the music.

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