What Are Some Tips for Buying Verizon Phones on EBay?


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When buying Verizon phones on eBay, make sure the phone is GPS-enabled and ensure the phone's electronic serial number is cleared so that the phone can be activated. Read the seller's feedback to determine his reliability and trustworthiness. Read the description of the item, and look at the pictures carefully before purchasing the phone.

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The Federal Communications Commission requires all phones that are activated after August, 2005, to be GPS enabled to make it easier for emergency providers to track the location of a caller. Buyers should not purchase models such as Kyocera 7135 and LG VX1, as they do not meet this requirement.

The phone should have a visible electronic serial number so that it can be activated to receive or make phone calls. This number is usually printed on the back of the phone, and you can see it if you remove the phone's battery. Contact the customer service representative of your career with this number to ask if he can activate that phone. If the ESN code comes up as stolen or lost, the phone cannot be registered.

Before buying the Verizon phone on eBay, read the seller's customer feedback and ask about his money-back guarantee. Only work with sellers who specialize in selling cell phones and who have several satisfied clients. Read the description carefully and to look at the photos to determine if that is the phone you want to purchase.

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