What Are Some Tips for Buying RCA TV Parts?

Get help with identifying or finding a part for RCA televisions at SearsPartsDirect.com, and buy parts at that website or at ShopJimmy.com. As of 2016, these websites list parts for hundreds of RCA television models, and SearsPartsDirect.com provides resources to help you identify or find a part, such as manuals that include part diagrams and live online chat.

At SearsPartsDirect.com, you can search replacement parts, repair parts and accessories for about 3,000 RCA TV models by the model number or part number. Click the Use Our Finder link near the bottom of the part search box if you're having trouble locating the model number. Click the Manuals and Repair Help tab near the top of the search box, and then click the Get Manuals link to find a manual for your RCA TV. Some manuals feature exploded diagrams that identify various parts. Click the Chat Now button on the right side of the page to get help with finding a part.

ShopJimmy.com lists parts for about 500 RCA television models. You can search the RCA section of this website by the model number. This section features a video tutorial on finding the model number on an RCA TV. If a part is out of stock, you can set up an alert to receive an email when the part is in stock. Part listings typically feature messages, such as "HT185WX1-501 & 1A1I2309 must be found on a sticker," to help you ensure you've found the right part. Typically, parts feature 180-day warranties, and this website allows you to buy extended warranties.