What Are Some Tips for Buying a New Tablet?

When buying a new tablet, consider its primary function, size, operating system and available apps. There is an enormous range of tablets available, but users can narrow the selection down by taking all these factors into account.

A tablet’s primary purpose is one of the most important factors to consider before making a purchase. The versatility of modern tablets makes them capable of a range of functions, including productivity, media and gaming. Users who need to do work on their tablets likely need larger models, possibly with external keyboards. Gamers may be drawn to Apple’s iPad, which boasts a huge selection of games, or a dedicated gaming tablet such as the NVidia Shield, which comes with an external controller. Media watchers typically need larger screens and may be interested in tablets that easily connect to large media libraries, such as the Kindle Fire.

Size is closely related to general purpose. Users who need to travel regularly with their tablets may opt for smaller models, while those who only use them at home may benefit from tablets with larger screen size. Larger tablets also provide more space to work with productivity apps, watch movies or play games.

Operating systems and available apps are other major factors. Apple’s iOS is sleek, easy to use and syncs with a variety of other Apple devices. Google’s Android operating system is more customizable but can also be more confusing for less experienced users.