What Are Some Tips for Buying MacKeeper at a Low Price?

Buying the Lite version and using a coupon code during purchase are two tips for buying MacKeeper at a low price. As if December 2015, it is possible to buy an annual license for $40 by combining the two methods.

MacKeeper comes in three different versions. In addition to being the cheapest option, the Lite version has all of the 16 applications that the Premium version does. Four out of the five extra features offered by the Premium version are technical support services and do not affect the capabilities of the application bundle. These are: live chat, call center, personal tech expert and priority support. Use the tutorials at MacKeeper.com to reduce the need for technical support and purchase the Lite version.

Alternatively, you can use a coupon code during the checkout to reduce the cost. As of 2015, you can receive a coupon code by switching to another window while the Plans & Pricing page is open. When the website thinks that the customer may be considering leaving, it offers a coupon code that reduces the price by 25 percent. Once you have the code, click Have a Coupon Code under the Instant Activation button to get a discount. Likewise, follow Coupons.com to get deal alerts.