What Are Some Tips for Buying Cheap Software?

What Are Some Tips for Buying Cheap Software?

Tips for buying cheap software include buying a student copy, purchasing original equipment manufacturer software, going for software bundles, following developers on social networking sites and comparison shopping. Many software companies offer good discounts to customers who want to upgrade their older versions. University computer shops and software companies such as Microsoft and Apple offer good discounts to students.

Original equipment manufacturer software typically comes pre-installed on a computer, although it is possible to purchase the software at a local computer store. OEM software versions are often much cheaper than those bought directly from the source.

Software bundles offer a chance to purchase multiple software at discounted prices. A software bundle may include application uninstallers, DVD burners and rippers and advanced calendar applications. Family pack software can also help to reduce the price of installing software on multiple computers.

Following developers on social networking sites such as Twitter and Facebook is a good way to find out about big company coupons and sales. Some software companies also offer discounts to free trial version users if they want to upgrade to the full version.

Lastly, shopping around and comparing prices can result in a good deal on computer software. Sites such as RetailMeNot are great sources for coupons. Factor in shipping costs into the price of the software where applicable.