What Are Some Tips for Avoiding PC Tech Support Scams?


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If you receive an unsolicited tech support phone call, hang up immediately. Never provide personal or financial information, and don't allow remove access to a device in response to these calls. Companies such as Microsoft, Google or Apple do not cold call customers to fix technical problems. Use only sites and products you personally trust, and never use products based on advertising, as scammers buy advertising to lure users to their websites.

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Tech support phone scams originally focused on Microsoft Windows, but have branched out to mobile devices and Apple users. The platform itself does not guarantee security. Any device should have anti-malware and Internet security features enabled. Free security software is available for all platforms and you can download it from reliable sources, such as native app stores. For those who need some guidance, Microsoft, Apple and other retail locations provide help in person to set up security or recover from malware.

The Federal Trade Commission takes complaints regarding scams and violations of the Do Not Call registry. Although national governments and local law enforcement cannot close businesses in another country, they can shut down websites and fine those responsible. Particularly in cases of aggressive, rude callers or repeated calls, filing a complaint is the only way to ensure that there is a record of the problem and possibility of penalty.

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