What Are Some Tips to Avoid a Google Wallet Scam?

Avoid a Google Wallet scam by carefully safeguarding personal information, using only credit or debit cards, and avoiding prices that seem lower than usual. Scammers may also use important-sounding terms, such as “Verified Google Checkout Agent,” “Regional Manager,” or “Purchase Protection Account,” that Google does not actually endorse.

The key to the Google Wallet scam is the fake invoice that scammers create to fool unsuspecting customers into believing transactions are safe and secure. Typical Google Wallet scams start with a scammer advertising a valuable object at an unbelievably low price. Once an unsuspecting victim contacts the scammer for more information, the scammer sends along a fraudulent invoice that does not conform to Google's requirements of only using a credit or debit card to pay. This invoice may suggest a bank or money transfer using services such as Western Union or MoneyGram. If the scammer insists on payment in this fashion, that is an important clue that the transaction is not legitimate.

Other factors to watch out for are requests to break one large sum into many smaller payments that go to different people and repeated demands for personal information. Suspected Google Wallet scams can be reported to Google by filling out the "Report of fraudulent Google Wallet transaction" on Google's support website.