What Does Time Warner Cable Sell?

What Does Time Warner Cable Sell?

Time Warner Cable offers a variety of services, ranging from voice services to Internet and cloud services. Time Warner is a major competitor in the TV cable industry and offers a variety of cable packages as well. Time Warner Cable also offers corporate services such as networking.

Time Warner Cable offers business packages in addition to its family packages. Networking, land lines and cloud servers are among the many services that the company offers.

Time Warner Cable offers secure Ethernet connections to ensure safe data transfer between locations, along with managed security to ensure its clients are constantly protected and support solutions for managing routers.

With their cloud services, Time Warner Cable facilitates hosted exchange services to allow powerful collaboration capabilities in partnership with popular Microsoft applications. Online backup is also supported in the cloud to allow clients to back up their device data remotely through a secure internet connection. Admin portals are also included to allow management of cloud services and space.

Internet is offered for businesses and homes at transfer speeds ranging from 5Mbps to 10Gbps. Internet is available through a high speed fiber optic network. Businesses can scale their Internet bandwidth to meet the needs of their business, as well.