Does Time Warner Cable Offer Bundling Services?


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Time Warner Cable does provide bundles of its television, phone and Internet services for customers. Different bundles combine two or more services with various tiers of performance for each service included in the bundle.

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Time Warner Cable bundles typically provide either television and Internet service or television, Internet and phone service. Time Warner does not offer pre-packaged bundles of Internet and phone service, or television and phone service, as of March 2015. Television and Internet packages allow for customers to choose from a combination of entry-level services and more expensive service tiers individually for each service, such as a package with Starter TV service and Extreme Internet Service. Television, Internet and phone packages start with the Preferred TV and Extreme Internet services along with phone service, and allow upgrades to include multiple television receivers and Time Warner Cable's Ultimate Internet service.

In addition to bundles for its television, Internet and phone services, Time Warner Cable maintains a partnership with Verizon wireless that allows Time Warner customers to order Verizon Wireless services, phones and devices through Time Warner Cable. While not offered as part of a service bundle in the same sense of bundled cable services, orders for Verizon Wireless services and equipment placed through Time Warner are eligible for special offers.

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