What Are Some Things to Look for When Shopping for a HDTV?


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Some things to look for when shopping for a HDTV include its design, smart TV features, connectors and mobile integration. It is also important to look for the right size of TV, while taking into consideration its resolution and sound output.

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When looking at the resolution of a HDTV, most choices range between 1080p and 4K or Ultra HD. Although there isn't much Ultra HD content, getting an Ultra HD TV is a good way to plan for the future when this content does become popular. Look for a TV with a high refresh rate of at least 120Hz for a smoother TV viewing experience.

Straight screens are better than curved screens, since curved screens cost more but deliver less, except to those who are sitting in a narrow, center sweet spot. LED backlit TVs have an edge over their counterparts for movie viewing.

Look for the number of ports on the TV, as well as the placement of these ports. Consider all the devices that need connection to the TV, and count the ports. There should be at least four HDMI ports and sufficient USB ports, conveniently placed. Check for a built-in Advanced Television Systems Committee tuner that can allow an HDTV to get many free location-based, over-the-air, high-definition broadcasts without having to subscribe to a television provider’s service.

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