What Are Some Texting Shortcuts?


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Most people who use text messaging recognize the standard shortcuts, such as "LOL" for "laughing out loud" and "BFF" for "best friends forever." Even beginners can figure out certain shortcuts, such as "2moro," "2nite" and "GR8." Some youngsters use cryptic shortcuts, such as "KPC" for "keeping parents clueless."

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Certain acronyms pre-date text messaging, but many people still use them. These classic abbreviations include "DIY" for "do it yourself," "ASAP" for "as soon as possible" and "TGIF" for "thank God it's Friday." Text message shortcuts can be as simple and easy to figure out as U, R and 2. Some text messaging shortcuts may mean more than one thing, such as "NM" for either "never mind" or "not much."

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