What Are Texting Codes?

Texting codes are abbreviations, acronyms and shorthand used to save time or disguise information when messaging another party via text message, email or instant messenger services. The trend of using text codes follows the increase and variety of messaging options available.

The popularity of real-time text-based communication has risen as a result of Facebook, Twitter, instant messaging, email, and Internet and online gaming services. In addition, texting codes are often used in chat rooms, discussion boards and text messages. This form of communication birthed a new sort of text language, or code, based on immediacy and compactness. While sometimes grammatically incorrect or confusing, this form of code is practical, as it makes sending messages faster and easier.

While the use of such code is not required for use with text-based communication, a basic knowledge may be needed to make sense of many instances involving digital text-based media. Most text codes and abbreviations are simple. For instance, LOL means "Laugh out loud" and BRB means "Be right back." Some are a little more involved, such as AFAIAA for "As far as I am concerned." Some combinations of numbers have meaning as well; "420" typically refers to marijuana, for example. Combinations of letters and numbers are also used, such as 2G2BT, meaning "Too good to be true." Many websites offer lists of the codes and their meanings for easy reference.