How to Text a Sleeping Face?

In order to make a sleepy face in a text message you must use 3 different symbols, on of which is used twice. These are one left parenthesis, one right parenthesis and 2 dashes to make this shape: ( - - ).

  1. Find the symbols section

    Locate the section with the symbols in your text messaging screen.

  2. Locate the left parenthesis sign

    Search through the symbols until you come across the left parenthesis sign. After finding this sign, enter it into your text message.

  3. Locate the straight-line dash symbol

    After finding the left parenthesis sign and putting it in the text message, locate the dash symbol (make sure you are using the dash and not the underscore symbol which appears similar at first). Once you find the dash symbol, enter it into your message, then press the space key and enter it again. This will give a space between the dashes that represent the sleeping eyes.

  4. Locate the right parenthesis sign

    After entering the second dash, enter back into the symbols section and locate the right parenthesis sign. Select the right parenthesis sign and enter it into your text message. After the right parenthesis sign is added, your sleeping face is ready to text.