What Are the Text Slang Terms to Look for on a Teen's Smartphone?


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Some slang terms and acronyms, such as NSFW (Not Safe For Work) and FWB (Friends With Benefits) indicate the discussion of content of a sexual nature, notes About.com. However, while being unable to understand slang terms and acronyms used in texting can be worrying, most terms are harmless.

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Many parents worry that their teens are using slang terms and acronyms to conceal information from them. However, there are only a few terms that are notable enough to cause real concern. PAW (Parents Are Watching) may be used to indicate that they must be careful about what they discuss on their smartphone, states Time. A popular slang term used to discuss marijuana and marijuana usage is the number "420," pronounced "four-twenty," says About.com.

Internet and text message acronyms originated as a form of shorthand, allowing users to quickly and easily communicate with one another, notes Time magazine. The most popular text slang terms are so well-known that they have migrated from phones into everyday conversation. Some of these slang terms include the acronyms OMG (Oh My God) and LOL (Laughing Out Loud).

It is important to note that new slang terms arise all the time, and both smartphone and Internet users invent their own slang terms to use among their group of friends. Sites such as NetLingo can be a good resource for identifying the meaning behind even obscure text slang terms and acronyms.

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