How Does the Text Now App Work?

The TextNow app works by using text and Voice over Internet Technology, or VoIP, with WiFi connectivity. The app is available for most smartphone devices and provides unlimited calling and text messaging. TextNow also uses Sprint’s nationwide network for coverage, whenever WiFi is unavailable. Monthly plans are required for the service to work on any compatible device. TextNow is also available internationally, but it can only be used through WiFi.

TextNow customers recommends that new users purchase a phone through its website to get the best service possible. All TextNow phones come with a one-year warranty and a 30-day return policy. Some existing Sprint devices are compatible with the service, but might not receive the provider’s cellular network fallback feature. New customers can import existing phone numbers or use a new number assigned by the service.

All TextNow plans come with no contracts and provide cancellations at any time without fees or penalties. Payments are made automatically every month when signing up for the service. Users are never charged overage fees and are prompted with the option to upgrade before reaching data limits. Data usage can also be used for free with a WiFi connection. As of 2015, TextNow is also available for tablets and through web browsers on computers.