What Are Some Text Generator Options?

Some text generator options include creating dummy text to test typefaces and layouts via BlindTextGenerator.com, generating HTML code via the HTML Text Generator tool on QuackIt.com and creating text messages that mimic real-life text conversations via IphoneGenerator.com. All three options include means of modifying font size, color and effects prior to generating text, code or text messages, respectively.

BlindTextGenerator.com includes options to select the type of dummy text users want to generate by clicking on the appropriate option, and to modify the width and height of the layout by clicking on the edge of the preview pane and dragging it. It lets users specify the desired number of word or characters, select the number of paragraphs, and decide whether the generated text displays paragraph tags. By accessing the advanced options, users can select a font family and style, specify text alignment and line height, and determine letter spacing. The website automatically generates the text based on the selected parameters, allowing users to copy it to the clipboard immediately.

The HTML Text Generator on QuackIt.com uses predefined text and parameters regarding indentation, font variants and text style to generate HTML code that users can apply on their websites. IphoneGenerator.com features options to create a convincing text message by letting users specify a carrier, select the desired time, type the messages and select the colors. Once the website generates the text message, users can download it as a PNG file.