How Do You Text on a Cell Phone?


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The process of texting using a mobile phone varies depending on the model of the phone. For instance, texting using a smartphone that has a full keyboard is quite different from texting using an older model cell phone. However, there are certain principles and steps that apply to all mobile phones while sending text messages.

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To text using an older model of LG phone, go to the Main Menu and select the Messages option. When the icon opens, select the Text Messages option and then scroll to the New Massage option. This option opens a blank template where you are to insert the phone number and the short message you intend to send. Enter words by typing the corresponding characters on the phone’s keypad. Press a key repeatedly and quickly until the letter you want to type appears. Wait for the cursor to move if the next letter in the word is on the same key.

To separate the words by creating a space between them, press the 0 key located at the bottom row on the keypad. To change from upper to lower case or vice versa, hit the # key and select appropriately. To insert special characters or expression marks, hit the * key on the lower left side of the phone’s keypad. Once the text message is complete, select Options by pressing the uppermost key to the left of the keypad, then scroll down to select Send.

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