How Do You Text and Call Online for Free Using TextNow?


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When a person uses a TextNow phone over a Wi-Fi connection, the calls and texts are free. TextNow users can select from several plans that offer a limited number of minutes and megabytes of data over the Sprint network.

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When connected to a Wi-Fi signal, a TextNow phone has the same capabilities as a cell phone on a traditional network. A person can make phone calls, send and receive text messages, surf the web and enjoy other features of the phone. However, if there is no Wi-Fi connection available, users can tap into the plan they selected when they signed up for the service. Once the allotment of voice and data is used, the plan is suspended, and the user must find a Wi-Fi signal to continue to use the phone. As long as the phone is connected to Wi-Fi, it costs nothing to make calls and texts.

TextNow allows its customers to purchase one of its phones along with a phone data plan or bring their own phones. For those who bring their own phones, there is no cost to use the TextNow service. For those who must purchase a phone from TextNow, phones run from $24.99 to roughly $149.95, as of March 2015. In some instances, those who switch to TextNow can keep their phone numbers.

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