How Do You Test Your Intranet Speed?

How Do You Test Your Intranet Speed?

Visit and download the available free software to test your local area network intranet speed. The software calculates the speed of file transfers, hard drives, USB drives and local area networks (wireless and wired).

Be sure to click the large Download link at the bottom of the page. Your computer automatically detects which version of the software you need for your operating systems. Supported operating systems include Mac OSX, Linux, Windows 2000, XP, Vista and 7.

The intranet speed test does not require any hardware and occurs completely within the system. The software builds a file and then transfers it between different systems. As the file is transferring, the software calculates the time it takes and assesses your overall network speed.

The test file sizes can be as large as 9 GB while only taking up 10 MB of system memory, which allows users to continue network use with relative ease and speed. Users can cancel tests at any time, if they need to perform an operation that requires the full capabilities of the network.

For customers interested in more features, a paid version of the software is also available for $6 and allows the user to log results, send multiple streams and save tests.