How Do You Test Dell USB Ports?

How Do You Test Dell USB Ports?

Dell offers a diagnostic tool on their site that helps to identify and fix problems associated with USB ports. The device manager located in the control panel of the Windows system offers a quick view for any problems associated with the USB ports on the computer.

In order to test the USB ports on a Dell system, a few steps must be followed.

Using the device manager

Click "Start" then "Control Panel," "Hardware and Sound" and then "Device Manager," While in the device manager, double-click "Universal Serial Bus Controllers" to display any problems with the USB ports installed. A yellow exclamation mark indicates a problem with the port.

Using Dell diagnostic tools on the website

Go to the Dell diagnostic page located on the company's website and click the "Advanced" tab, then click "Hardware." Scroll until USB is located and click "Run Diagnostics." A legal statement appears with terms and conditions that must be accepted before the toll will run the diagnostics. Follow the on-screen prompts to test each USB on the system.

Update a USB port driver

USB drivers often need updated due to an out-of-date bios. The Dell support website provides a simple way to update bios drivers by entering the service tag and other system information into the page. If any updates are available for the system, they will be displayed with information on how to download and install them onto the system.