How Do You Test a Computer Microphone?


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In Windows Vista and Windows 7, you can test the microphone by accessing the Microphone Setup Wizard through the control panel. Testing a computer microphone varies depending on operating system.

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Before testing the microphone, first ensure that proper connection of the microphone to the computer. Computer microphones either have a USB connector or a traditional 3.5-millimeter connector. USB microphones plug into USB drives, while 3.5-millimeter microphones have a prong that you insert into the pink headphone jack usually located on either the front or back of the machine. Next, open the Control Panel, and select Ease of Access. Then click on Speech Recognition before selecting Set Up Microphone. After the Microphone Setup Wizard appears, highlight your current device, and click the Next button. Proceed through the following screens until arriving at the Adjust the Microphone Volume screen. Confirm whether or not your device is working as intended by speaking into it. With proper use, a green volume bar should appear. Either cancel the Wizard, or continue through the next few screens to finish.

Alternatively, you can also access the Hardware and Sound menu through the Control Panel. From there, click on the Sound link, and select the Recording tab. Once you select the microphone, speak into it for testing purposes. The green bar should fluctuate to confirm functionality.

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