What Are the Terms of Verizon's Prepaid Phone Cards?


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The terms of service for Verizon’s prepaid phone cards include card expiration after 12 months of non-use, surcharges for pay phone calls and international call origin limitations, as of December 2015. Verizon updates its prepaid card terms of service from time to time, so check Verizon.com for updated terms of use.

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The rates that Verizon charges for international and domestic calls made using a prepaid card may change without notice. Rates for interstate calls may be higher than rates for intrastate calls. Verizon’s prepaid phone cards expire on the date listed on the card, or after 12 months of non-use, if there is no expiration date. Only specifically designated Verizon prepaid cards may be used for calls from international locations, and those rates are higher than for international calls originating in the United States.

If a cardholder uses a Verizon prepaid card at a pay phone, Verizon may assess the user a surcharge of $1.25. When using the prepaid card, Verizon rounds completed call minutes to the next minute. Verizon prepaid cards have no cash value after purchase and cannot be redeemed. Verizon reserves the right to limit or deny use of the prepaid card for any reason it deems lawful. Verizon makes no guarantees or warranties regarding use of the prepaid card.

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