What Are the Terms of a SquareTrade Warranty for the Kindle Fire?


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A standard SquareTrade two-year extended warranty plus accident protection for a 7'' Kindle Fire HD costs approximately $50 on Amazon.com, as of 2015. It extends the manufacturer's warranty on both mechanical and electrical breakdowns while offering accident protection from the day the device is shipped. Each warranty has a maximum of three claims over the warranty period, with a replacement Kindle arriving two or three days after a valid claim is made. There are no deductibles or shipping fees.

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SquareTrade warranties begin as soon as the device is purchased, overlapping with the manufacturer's warranty for the first year of ownership. The manufacturer's warranty does not cover accidental breakage, however, so the extended warranty is the only way to get coverage for damages such as cracked screens, internal component damage from an accidental drop, liquid damage or battery replacement. In the event of a valid claim, a replacement Kindle Fire is shipped to the warranty owner with a pre-paid shipping label for the broken one. Customers must return the broken one within 30 days in order to avoid a bill for the second one.

SquareTrade warranties are transferable, so if the device is ever gifted or sold, the warranty follows it for no additional cost. The Kindle is tied to the warranty electronically, so no paperwork is ever required as proof of coverage. Warranty customers are entitled to a 100 percent refund if the policy is canceled within the first 90 days, with a prorated refund if it is canceled after that date, provided a claim has not been processed. In the event of a late Kindle delivery, customers may call SquareTrade and move the activation date back to whenever the device arrives rather than when it was supposed to.

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