What Was the Television Series "The Power Game" About?


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The popular television series "The Power Game" is a British program from the 1960s, that was about the "moguls of big business" in the mid to late 60s. The first episode of "The Power Game" was aired on the 13th of December 1965. Each episode ran for approximately 60 minutes. There was a total of 39 episodes of the television drama within four years.

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When "The Power Game" concluded, there was an overwhelming response from the British audience to bring the program back, and a 4th season was planned by a company called ATV. Unfortunately, the 4th season did not air due to the sudden death of the main character and the star of the series, Patrick Wymark. He passed away in 1970, only 10 months after the final episode of season 3.

As of August 2015, "The Power Game" was rated 8.3/10 from 33 IMDb.com viewers and succeeded "The Plane Makers" which debuted February 4, 1963. Both television shows contain the same main characters including Patrick Wymark, Jack Watling, Barbara Murray and Clifford Evans. "The Power Game" series 1-3 are available from a variety of e-commerce sites including amazon.co.uk for £35.95 and ebay.co.uk for £20.92 as of August 2015. The series comes in a total of 12 disks.

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