What Are Some Free Television Guides?

What Are Some Free Television Guides?

TVGuide, TV.com and Titan TV are three free television guides. These guides display television broadcast schedules for the next nine to 14 days. While all three are available as websites, Titan TV also has an iOS application.

Displaying the schedules at intervals of one hour and 30 minutes, TVGuide can filter the content by broadcast type. The guide uses yellow shading for movies, green shading for sports, blue shading for family content and purple shading for news broadcasts. Users can indicate their television providers by clicking Change next to Provider to only view the schedules of the channels available to them.

Allowing registered users to make favorite lists to view only the shows in which they are interested, TV.com displays two hours and 30 minutes of television content at a time. Users can filter the results to only view certain types of broadcasts by using the drop-down menu above the guide. TV.com also allows users to indicate the providers to which they are subscribed.

Displaying up to six hours of television content at once, Titan TV colors the schedule in 22 different shades to indicate the broadcast categories. Some of the categories include: animated, music, nature and religion. Users can also print the guide by clicking the printer button on the top right.

The iOS application of TitanTV can detect the user's location to display local broadcasting line-ups. The application has a search function and allows the user to share favorite TV shows on social media. It can also communicate with the Calendar application to set reminders for the user's favorite programs.