How Does Technology Influence Daily Life?

technology-influence-daily-life Credit: John Lamb/Digital Vision/Getty Images

Technology influences just about every element of the logistics and environment of the daily lives of people, beginning with the integrated circuits inside the smartphone with the alarm clock set to wake them up and ending with the tablet computer or laptop they use shortly before going to bed. Virtually every step that people take is aided in some way by technology.

It has only been a couple of centuries since technology was just a figment of people's imaginations. People lived their lives on farms, having only candles and possibly oil lamps to light their way. With the advent of the Industrial Revolution came the inexorable tide of change with technology, beginning with the steam engine and moving to automated production.

The 20th century brought revolutionary change in terms of communication and transportation; the noise associated with the radio and television, as well as the hustle and bustle of cars and trucks zooming down the road, make the quiet of an agrarian society a distant memory. The advent of the Internet brought an infinite wealth of information to the fingertips of many people all over the world, which means that millions of people have a device in their pockets containing access to the world's entire store of knowledge.