Why is technology a good thing?


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Technology has many benefits to the individual and to an organization including optimizing speed and time, providing a better way to store information, enhancing the sharing of information and providing automation to tasks that otherwise require extensive human work and calculation. Technology serves as an advancement in science that allows for a better solution to everyday tasks.

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The ability to perform functions with increased speed is one advantage of technology. This allows organizations to save time and money. An example of technology that saves time is electronic mail, which makes communication easier and faster than traditional letter mail.

Technology is good for the individual or group because it provides a way to store information. This reduces paperwork and the need for storage space such as a warehouse. It saves space and reduces or eliminates the need for storage containers such as file cabinets.

While some technologies result in quicker communication, it also enhances the ability to exchange information easily between individuals or groups.

Technology also provides a medium for training individuals and educating them in the discipline or industry in which they work.

In addition, technology in the form of software and databases automates tasks that would otherwise require extensive paperwork, record keeping and researching.

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