What Are Some Techniques Used in ClassDojo?

The fundamental technique ClassDojo uses for education is to connect students, teachers and parents through its communication platform to provide student support and keep parents informed. The program is built on the idea of positive reinforcement by recognizing student accomplishments and character traits.

ClassDojo provides student reinforcement and encouragement through participation and teamwork, a viewable timeline of student progress and customization features. The teacher has a screen for each student with buttons such as Participating In Class, Working Hard, Helping Others, Leadership and Curiosity that the teacher can press to record that accomplishment for the student and to share with the student's parents. Teachers can view and share a timeline of a student's accomplishments, and also customize avatars and other program features to personalize the educational process.

Parents benefit from the program's instant message system, photo sharing, confirmation of read messages and announcements of school or class events. The instant message system enables teachers to send quick private messages to parents, and photo sharing provides parents with photo updates of their children's day at school. ClassDojo sends teachers read receipts when parents have read their messages. Teachers use the announcements feature to notify parents of updates that affect their children's classes.