How Do You Get Technical Support for TurboTax?


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There are a couple of options to receive technical support for TurboTax, the first of which is to view the Frequently Asked Questions page. The second option is to use the TurboTax AnswerXchange platform, and the third option is to utilize the TurboTax Support website at support.turbotax.intuit.com/contact.

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The Frequently Asked Questions page contains common questions that TurboTax experts and employees have anawered. This section is a good place to look first for technical support. The questions answered in this section are frequently asked and have received strong attention from TurboTax experts. Categories of frequently asked questions include Getting started, Doing your taxes, and After you file.

For a more in-depth type of technical support, the AnswerXchange provides a platform for TurboTax experts and customers to answer questions 24/7. On the AnswerXchange platform, users can submit specific and detailed questions.

The Support page provides one-on-one technical support. On the Support Web page, the user must complete two fields to select the appropriate technical support employee. The first field requires the user to select his platform, and the second field is the question field. Once the user completes these two fields, the user receives an answer from a TurboTax employee via phone or email.

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