What Is Technical Support?


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Technical support refers to various services offered by an individual or company to users of technology products such as computers, mobile phones and software. This kind of support is offered to solve specific problems rather than training the customer to solve such problems.

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Technical support is further divided into four categories namely: call out, block hours, managed services and crowdsourced technical support. With the call out system, a client purchases electronic devices such as computers, then he pays the technician when a technical problem occurs at a fixed pre-negotiated rate.

Block hours technical support involves paying for a particular number of hours upfront for the technician to solve that particular technical problem. Managed services are offered by a technical support company upon receiving the list of services that should be provided regularly to the client. This type of technical support covers additional services such as daily help desk support, project management and on-site visits by a qualified technician when a particular problem cannot be solved remotely.

Crowdsourced technical support is common with large companies or organizations that want to minimize the cost of offering support services to their large customer base. Companies such as Mozilla, Google, and Apple provide crowdsourced technical support through online discussion forums for their customers to interact freely.

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