What Are Some Tech Items for the Classroom?

What Are Some Tech Items for the Classroom?

Tech items for the classroom include tablet computers, lecture capture technology, interactive whiteboards and document cameras. These technologies also help to promote distance learning and optimize the learning process.

Advantages of tablet computers in the classroom include cutting costs on text books and providing students with up-to-date content. Tablets generally support Internet browsing, graphics and word processing, making them easily adaptable to classroom settings.

Lecture capture technology allows teachers to record and stream lessons online where it is easily accessible to students. The technology also helps to promote distance learning and reach new learners in new demographics. The devices can be either hard-wired or portable and generally allow publishing and editing in addition to recording lessons.

Interactive whiteboards allow for computer and Internet based content to be presented in a classroom setting. Their touch-screens make it easy for students and teachers to interact instantly with content. Varieties of interactive whiteboards include standalone boards and integrated classroom solutions to meet different educational needs.

Lastly, document cameras function similar to overhead projectors, usually with more and better capabilities. Some cameras are able to play content from SD cards including movies with audio and still images. Depending on the model, document cameras provide high resolution and optimized zoom to enhance the display on a big screen.