What Tech Gadgets Are Available at the Source Store in Canada?

The Source stores in Canada sell a wide variety of different tech gadgets, including tablets, smartphones, laptops, mp3 players and digital cameras, as of 2015. The company also sells many wearable technology devices, such as smart watches, fitness trackers, personal GPS units, wearable cameras and wearable tech devices for pets.

Some of the different wearable technology devices sold by The Source include the XTreme XFit Bluetooth Fitness Band, the FitBit One Wireless Activity and Sleep Tracker, the Runtastic GPS Watch with Heart Rate Monitor and the MOTA Smartwatch G2 Lite. The Source carries several different colors of the XTreme XFit Bluetooth Fitness Band, such as pink and black, blue and black or turquoise and grey.

The Source carries a wide selection of tablets and eReaders, including the Apple iPad, Android tablets and surface and Windows 8 tablets. The company sells many models and types of laptops as well, including gaming laptops and convertible or two-in-one laptops. In addition, they carry scanners and both regular and 3D printers.

The Source is one of Canada's leading electronics retailers, operating more than 650 stores throughout the country. Most of the tech gadgets and other products sold by The Source can also be purchased on its website.