How Do You Teach a 6th Grader to Type?


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Learn Typing is a popular free online website offering Web-based lessons that can help anyone improve their typing speed and accuracy. Learn Typing has many different topics and lessons to choose from, so you can begin at any level.

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To use the free Learn Typing program, go to www.learntyping.org using any compatible Web browser. There is a list of available lessons on the left hand side to choose from. If you are completely new to typing, you can opt to watch a video intro to using the services offered on the website. From there, you can either choose to start with the Beginner Typing Lessons, or if you have some experience in typing, you can start with the Advanced Typing Skills. There are also typing games offered, as well as a few different typing tests designed to assess your typing proficiency.

Typing requires a lot of practice, so you may want to visit the TypingClub website at typingclub.com as well for additional resources. TypingClub is also a free website where you can create a free profile in order to track your progress and improvements as you complete the lessons. TypingClub also offers a school edition that allows teachers to track students' progress as well.

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