Does the Talking Tom Cat App Work on Samsung Phones?

The Talking Tom Cat application is compatible with all Android phones, including Samsung. The free app is available for download on these phones.

  1. Ascertain compatibility
  2. Syncing your phone with the Android app store will tell you everything you need to know about whether or not your phone is compatible with the Talking Tom Cat app. Phones running Android 2.3 or higher should be capable of installing or running the app.
  3. Check available memory
  4. The memory used by the Talking Tom Cat app varies from device to device. A smaller device will be taxed more heavily by the app's animations and will take up more of such a device's available memory. If you do not have enough memory, consider deleting old apps or data stored on your phone to make room.
  5. Download and install the app
  6. Next, download the app to your phone. You can do this directly from the phone itself or by accessing the app through a computer with a Web account synced to your phone. Downloading will also, in most cases, kickstart the installation process. If not, you can access the downloaded file and manually install it
  7. Experiment away
  8. Once you have installed the app you can get right down to entertainment. The simulated cartoon cat, Tom, responds to various stimuli, such as touchscreen petting and prodding, and to voice commands. He can throw cakes, hunt mice and perform many humorous tasks.