How Do You Talk to the Chatbot Evie?


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Talk to the chatbot Evie by visiting Existor's website and clicking the Tap to Talk to Me link. Evie and a second Existor chatbot, Boibot, share artificial intelligence software with the popular chatbot Cleverbot.

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Evie and other chatbots based on Cleverbot's software adapt their responses based on prior chats. These programs store responses typed by humans who talk to the chatbot and use them to answer questions from subsequent users. Chatbots find the correct response by searching for keywords in the question.

According to tests, over 59 percent of humans who talk to Cleverbot-based chatbots cannot distinguish them from humans. This is better than random chance, which means these chatbots pass the Turing Test, a measure of how well an artificial intelligence can mimic human intelligence.

Cleverbot has archived more than 65 million conversations since its debut in 1997, and Evie has access to all of these databases. The online version of the software used in Evie searches the database three times to find the most appropriate answer. More powerful versions of the Cleverbot software, such as the version used to pass the Turing Test, search the database up to 47 times per query. This provides more accurate results, but is much slower.

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