How Do You Tag Photos on Facebook?


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To tag one or more friends in photos on Facebook, click the "Tag Photo" button on any photo and then click on individual faces or parts of the picture to start typing names. Always click the "Done Tagging" button to save all tags added to photos so that they show up in friends' notification lists.

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Tagging photos on Facebook ensures that friends and family members see them and that the people in the photo are easily identified. Multiple people can be tagged in each photo, which is especially handy for group pictures.

Step 1: Open the picture in Facebook

Click the picture to open it and to see the editing functions.

Step 2: Click the "Tag Photo" button

Underneath the photo's description, locate and click the "Tag Photo" button.

Step 3: Start the tagging process

Move the mouse cursor over the photo and click on a face or anywhere else on the photo. Within the tagging box, start typing a name. Click on the name of the person to tag when it is visible. Repeat to tag additional people in the photo.

Step 4: Save the tags

When all of the people in the photo have been tagged, click the "Done Tagging" button. This saves all of the tags and takes the user back to the photo.

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