What Tablets Can Be Used Without an Initial Setup?


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Even though some brands of tablet computers require less intial setup than others, all of them require some sort of configuration. This is not just to get the tablet to function properly, but because the tablet’s software needs specific settings in order to perform the tasks users may request.

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Beyond configuring the tablet to use the Internet and setting it up to check for software updates, there’s very little else users must do to get a tablet to function correctly other than to charge it. Depending on what a user needs a tablet to do, initial setup can take as little as five minutes. At a minimum, for example, the user has to tell the tablet which WiFi network to use to get on the Internet. It is also good policy to set the tablet up to update the operating system and applications. For Android tablets, for example, this is done using Google Play services tied to a free Google account or using the Amazon App Store and a free Amazon.com account.

As with PCs, users decide how much to personalize a device. The three major operating systems for mobile devices, Android, iOS and Windows 8, offer options for a very high degree of customization.

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