How Do You Get an AT&T Wireless Login Username?

How Do You Get an AT&T Wireless Login Username?

Customers must create an account at "MyAT&T" in order to get an AT&T wireless login username, according to AT&T. Customers may also be able to use their 10 digit wireless phone number with account password to log in to their MyAT&T account.

Use these steps to create an AT&T username.

  1. Go to MyAT&T online
  2. Visit and click on 'MyAT&T' to go to the login page. Click on the "Register Today" link in the left center of the page.

  3. Provide account information
  4. Fill in the required account information including the wireless phone number and zip code. Then, create a User ID to use when logging into the account. Create a User ID that is easy to remember, but personal. Also, create a password to use when logging in.

  5. Retrieve a forgotten username
  6. Retrieve a wireless account username by going to the MyAT&T page and clicking on the "Forgot User ID" link. Enter the contact email for that account and the website should send the User ID to the email.