How Do You Get AT&T U-Verse Internet Working After a Cancelation?


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After you have cancelled AT&T U-Verse Internet, contact AT&T directly. A technician is sent to your home where the order is confirmed, and the AT&T U-Verse Internet is installed the same day.

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  1. Call AT&T to speak with a customer service representative

    Call the AT&T U-Verse customer service number at 1-800-288-2020. Speak with a customer service representative about packages and deals for the U-Verse Internet service.

  2. Schedule a date and time for the technician to have the U-Verse installed

    Depending on the service being installed, the technician may take upwards of four hours to install the receiver and accommodate the wiring needs. The technician may need additional time to run tests to ensure compatibility with the U-Verse system and get all components up and running. Once the technician ensures all the necessary wires and routers are available, installation happens quickly.

  3. Surf the web once the AT&T U-Verse is installed

    Once the proper modem, receiver and wiring is in place, the Internet is available for use. You can stream videos, play games or access social media sites at the click of a button. Upgrade or change package deals at any time by contacting customer service, and if necessary a technician is sent out to assist you.

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