What Is the AT&T U-Verse Channel Lineup?

The AT&T U-verse TV channel lineup depends on a customer's specific geographic location and subscription package. Customers who would like to find their channel lineup can do so on the website for AT&T. AT&T U-Verse is a triple-play program that offers internet, IP telephone and TV through IPTV.

Customers have several options to view their channel lineup. On the AT&T website, customers can view and print a sample lineup. They can access the channels for their location online by visiting the "TV listings" webpage. The U-verse lineup page lets viewers compare different TV packages and view channel lineups by package. U-verse channel lineups are also available on the U-verse mobile app and by pressing the "Guide" button on the remote control.

AT&T U-verse began on June 26, 2006. As of April 2015, U-verse has four TV packages: U-family, U200, U300 and U450. Each subscriber has at least the U-family package, with each additional package adding another set of channels to the package before it. Customers can also add on specialty channels as extra packages, such as The Sports Package and HD Services. Those who have the U450 package have The Sports Package included. All subscribers also have their regional channels included, which are typically the channels in the 700's.