What Are AT&T Rewards?


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AT&T Rewards are different monetary incentives that the telecommunications company AT&T provides to its customers for performing activities such as referring a friend to the company or singing up for paperless billing. As of 2015, AT&T issues rewards in the form of prepaid cash gift cards.

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The AT&T Rewards program encourages customers and potential customers to opt into certain programs or choose specific devices by providing a cash bonus for doing so. The exact amount of the reward and conditions for receiving the reward change over time, by customer and by region. Typically, the information about the reward is available through a customer's online AT&T account or in a special promotional letter sent through the mail. In most cases, the customer needs to sign up for a service or order a device in order to qualify for the reward.

Within 30 days of completing the reward task, the customer receives instructions about how to claim the reward. This often involves filing out a claim form online, including the customer's account information. The reward card usually arrives in the mail within four weeks of filing out the form. The customer then needs to activate the card in order to access the funds.

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