Do T-Mobile Stores Activate SIM Cards?


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Employees at T-Mobile stores can assist users with SIM card maintenance, such as transferring contacts from an old SIM card to a new SIM card. T-Mobile also sells SIM card starter kits and provides online instructions on how to activate them.

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While T-Mobile employees can assist users with setting up SIM cards, it is not required to bring a SIM card to a T-Mobile store to have it activated. One can purchase a SIM card starter kit from T-Mobile, take the SIM card number, log in to T-Mobile's SIM page, follow online instructions to activate the card, and put the SIM card in the phone. The SIM card number, an activation code and the IMEI number of the phone may be required. After following the online instructions, it may take up to two hours for the SIM card to be activated.

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